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An Open Birthday Love Letter to Kristen

Dearest Kristen,

Wow. Has it been another year? It seems like you were just 22 a few minutes ago. LOL (pun intended, haha). A lot has happened since the year you turned 22, of that I tell you.

You, baby girl, amaze me. From the moment I saw you on Twilight as a 17 year old awkward girl, Isabella Swan, I knew there was something that drew me to you. I may not have admired you then, but during the three years after that, I was a “fan on the sidelines”—you know, not THAT addicted, but enough for me to take curiosity on you quite a bit.

All that changed during 2011 when I finally accepted the fact that I have fallen in love with you and I learned to separate you from the character I have loved and admired as a teenage girl. You, my dear girl, are a breath of fresh air to me. It was my first time to see an actress who didn’t follow the typical “Hollywood” actress. A lot of people do not like you and that baffles me. If they only watched your interviews, they will not say you are a monosyllabic awkward girl who never smiles. No. You are far from that.

When you answer questions, you answer so passionately. You are awkward, yes, but that’s what makes us love you more. YOU’RE SO REAL. And your SMILE? Lawd, don’t even get me started on your smile. When you smile, YOU SMILE. It’s so genuine and bright and is a ray of sunshine :”3

You are so strong, stronger than you give yourself credit for. You’re mature beyond your years but sometimes, the little girl in you resurfaces from time to time. I’ve always called you “baby girl”, haven’t I? You’re technically older than me (9 3/4 months to be exact) but I ALWAYS, ALWAYS have this extreme urge to defend and protect you like an older sister (a mama even), even before when I fully embraced the fact that I love you as a fan.

Last year was such a bittersweet year for you and me both, do you agree? It was for so many reasons. I won’t dwell into that, but throughout 2012 (and even during the ~depressing times), I felt so immensely proud of you. You made us proud of you professionally through Cannes, and you made me even prouder of you as a fan during the latter half of the year. You were so strong, and there are no words to express the immense pride I felt for you when you weathered the trials you faced. After everything, I AM PROUD to say that I LOVE YOU NOW, EVEN MORE THAN BEFORE.

Now that it is your 23rd birthday, I wish so many things for you. FIRST, success in all your endeavors in your future career. You are an exceptional actress, dear girl, and the fact that you take diverse roles, characters who have so many layers that your bring to life in the screen, will prove to your haters and detractors that you are not “just the Twilight girl”.

SECOND, I wish for your peace of mind in everything, professionally and personally. With your strength and your piece of mind, you will be able to weather any trials that come your way.

And THIRD, I wish for your NEVER-ENDING LOVE. ;) I admit that the reason why I became your fan, first and foremost, was because of HIM. You were so good together, onscreen and offscreen, that just drew me to you together. I know in my heart that you two are IT for me. I know I have only been witness to your love for less than two years but that didn’t stop me from believing you two are FOREVER for me. You may have experienced a bump in the road, but LAWD DID YOU OVERCAME IT, and that just made you two even stronger, and I am so proud that I didn’t give up on you both, that you didn’t give up on each other.

Dearest girl, you are very lucky to have Rob in your life. That man is just the perfect everything — perfect best friend, confidante, adviser, lover, (husband?) (father?) (haha just kidding, but I’m giving you ideas bb ;) )

And Rob, THANK YOU FOR WAITING for her four years ago. THANK YOU for being the perfect best friend and significant other for FOUR YEARS. And THANK YOU for not giving up on her, and for that my love for you both just magnified even more.

Happy 23rd Birthday again, babygirl, and I hope one day I will be given the chance to meet you and tell you how much I love you! :”3